List Price: $1999.99

A carbine, chambered in 9mm, that runs off of Colt SMG mags, and is integrally suppressed… somebody pinch me!  Spikes Tactical absolutely smashed the proverbial nail on its proverbial head.  This thing is awesome.  Running on the Spikes 9mm lower (that accepts standard AR components like triggers and safeties) this is one recluse that you won’t mind seeing when you open the safe.

While the lower is cool, the proprietary blowback upper is really what makes this rifle sing.  The upper receiver resembles a standard AR-15, but that is where the similarities end.  Completely rebuilt to run reliably on 9mm ammunition, the Brown Recluse sports: a clipped ejection port, oversized brass deflector, and a Spike’s blowback style 9mm bolt carrier group.

Did we mention this thing was integrally suppressed?  The suppressor tube/body is nestled under a spikes quad-rail handguard and permanently affixed to the barrel making the Recluse a “One-Stamp Gun.”  That is to say that, it is not considered a Short-Barreled Rifle because the barrel extends past the 16” requirement.  The suppressor is then the only part of this firearm that is an NFA item.  Speaking of the suppressor, it utilizes a traditional baffle stack (generally more efficient) which is somewhat rare in integral systems that tend to favor a more simplistic monocore.

I know some of you have gotten this far wondering the whole time if the barrel was ported or not.  The answer is yes.  Similar to the concept made popular with the MP-5SD, the Brown Recluse has a ported barrel to bleed off gasses and turn standard 115gr (or 124gr) FMJ’s subsonic before they pass the crown of the barrel.  As with anything; science still applies.  Altitude, powder and projectiles will all affect the “always subsonic” concept but we can safely say that for almost anyone firing off-the-shelf FMJ’s, the system will be subsonic!