LWRC M6-G 10.5″ BLK SBR 5.56mm

List Price: $2299.99

M6 Government series rifles are tested, proven and built to perform. Currently in operation in more than 60 countries by Law Enforcement, Government agencies and foreign allies, the M6-G has been engineered to exceed with greatly increased capabilities over standard models and available in a variety of barrel lengths, finish and control options.

Constructed using the highest quality materials, built on our revolutionary patented self-regulating short-stroke gas piston system, machined from materials that belong to the super alloy family of steel alloys most often used in aerospace, LWRCI™ raises the bar on reliability and ease of maintenance- delivering the highest level of performance.

The LWRCI M6-G gas piston system reduces the venting of hot, carbon gases into the receiver and bolt carrier group, eliminating the intensive cleaning regime, reducing heat build up and significantly improving reliability. LWRCI patented short-stroke gas piston system is easily accessed with removal of the top rail section by loosening two thumb screws.