List Price: $449.99

To kick-start 2017, Rugged Suppressors has unveiled their impressive Oculus rimfire silencer! With a stellar pedigree of modular cans on the market, the Rugged team rewards your patience in this category with the durable and convenient Oculus. Whether you require the short or standard configuration, this user-serviceable unit will meet and exceed your shooting needs.

Situated in subtle South Carolina, Rugged Suppressors aims to utilize innovation and creativity in all of their designs, and the Oculus is no exception. The popularity of this manufacturer is evident in the faithful following that it holds… With cutting-edge models like this new rimfire entry, Rugged’s high praise is definitely warranted.

Constructed of tough 17-4 stainless steel, the modular Oculus provides durability in both setups while eliminating dreaded first-round pop. Designed for the shooter’s convenience, this silencer is simple to disassemble and maintain, as well as easy to transform from one configuration to the other. In its standard layout, the Oculus measures 5.25” and weighs 6.9 ounces. The shorter K arrangement offers 3.25” and 4.3 ounces of great suppression. Perfect for plinking at the gun range (K setup) or varmint hunting (full build), the Rugged Suppressors Oculus gives you two high-performing options for the attractive price of a single silencer!