AAC Ti-Rant 45 Suppressor Black .578-28

List Price: $749.99

Advanced Armament Corp. holds a bevy of prominent suppressors on the market. With their Ti-Rant .45 silencer, the trend continues. Viewed as the industry’s first suppressor for .45 ACP pistols, this can offers exceptional sound reduction (especially when shot wet). To get down to brass tax, AAC’s Ti-Rant .45 suppressor is quieter than some competitors’ .22 cans. (That caught your attention, eh?)

Sweet Home Alabama-based AAC designed this user-serviceable silencer with the intention of creating a durable, versatile suppressor for firearm aficionados. With an innovative balance of 17-4 stainless steel, 7075-T6 aluminum, and grade 9 titanium, the Ti-Rant .45 is unmatched durability-wise. In other words, put it to the test while at the range!