Gemtech GMT-300 Blackout Suppressor

List Price: $999.99

In 2014, Gemtech launched a line of user-serviceable suppressors that utilize their G-Core monocore baffle design and helped shape the market. Within this impressive group, the GMT-300BLK stood out as a true “gem.” Unlike some .30 caliber silencers, the GMT-300BLK is specifically engineered for the .300 Blackout round and offers shooters the coveted full-auto rated designation.

The innovative minds of the Gemtech operation are found in Boise, ID, where their cutting-edge designs become reality. With the unveiling of revolutionary units like the GMT-300BLK suppressor, Gemtech will continue to pioneer the silencer manufacturing industry for a long time to come.

This all-titanium can features Gemtech’s G-Core baffle setup, which aids in its overall performance and offers a minimum 28 dB sound reduction. The GMT-300BLK is a compact (6.7” long) and lightweight (14 ounces) suppressor that is optimized for use with both super- and subsonic ammunition in short-barreled rifles. This direct-thread silencer is as versatile as it is convenient. Being a user-serviceable unit, the GMT-300BLK is easy to disassemble for cleaning and general maintenance. With so many effective features, why not pull the trigger on your purchase and own one of these rock stars?

Full-auto rated!
Sound reduction: 28–30 dB
Weight: 14 ounces
Length: 6.7”
Build material: titanium
Finish: matte black Cerakote™ with reduced visual-IR signature
Easy to disassemble/clean